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Supercharge your brain with the best math tutors

Tutors In Dubai – GIT Tutors Best #1 Math Tutors in Dubai If you are a potential student who is looking to excel in the field of mathematics with the help of a home tutor, look no further! We are here to create exceptional academic experiences for you when it comes to learning and delivering. Our obligation is to create demand and the best tutors in Dubai who are ready to change the world with their skills in the field of mathematics.

What do we offer?

We are the best in the business when it comes to offering the best tutoring services and our core aim is to present a comprehensive curriculum to students with the best tutors in Dubai who are looking to excel in the field of mathematics. After careful consideration, we have developed a full-fledged course that can help you go ahead in no time. Our detailed course outline consists of concepts like:

Primary tutors for Primary Math courses

You can only find the best math tutors in Dubai at GIT Tutors if you are on the hunt to look for primary level tutors who can help you in strengthening your basic math concepts. We believe that a true mathematician holds the power to do wonders if they have exceptional grip over basic math concepts. We thoroughly work on building basic concepts like:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Numbers

When you are looking for a program that offers you extensive knowledge, always look for professionals who can carve captivating results and guarantee success. We at GIT Tutors , believe in the power of achieving great things with the best tutors in Dubai. That’s why we have some serious talent onboard with plenty of experience under their belt to teach you wonders and help you unlock challenges at every stage of your academic career, with affordable tutoring.

Learning beyond classrooms

Learning is a continuous process that requires meticulous attention and outstanding resources. To follow this idea, we strive for excellence by providing endless opportunities for students who are willing to make an impact. Students and teachers at our institute form a bond that is connected by learning and the urge to excel.

Our teaching strategies at a glance

We are home to one of Dubai’s top math learning centers. You will receive all the assistance you need from our math tutors. Our concepts and principles are backed by strong endurance and a will to succeed. Some of the industry practices that we follow are:

Up-to-date coaching methods

We use a coaching method that has continuously given us outstanding results. We provide a unique combination of in-depth instruction, demanding review sessions, and highly skilled trainers.

Industry validated course

Industry experts have given their approval to the course materials and instructional methods we use. The sessions are more individualized as they are designed with the requirements of the students in mind.

Learning and Development

The spectrum of complexity of our review exams, from low to high, facilitates the development of overall potential. In addition to learning how to prevent common test dangers, they will also learn time management strategies.

State-of-the-art facilities

We believe that learning begins from facilities that can cater to all your needs. We at GIT Tutors, equip students with the best resources available so they can shine in a comfortable yet encouraging environment.

To all the A Level student out there! A-levels is typically referred to a curriculums degree that is often pursued by international students after O-levels. We have gathered a basic curriculum and topic list that you will be able to comprehend when sitting with our experts. Here’s what you can learn with us.

Pure Mathematics:

Algebra and Functions

  • Manipulation of algebraic expressions
  • Functions and their properties.
  • Sequences and series
  • Binomial expansion


  • Trigonometric functions and their graphs.
  • Trigonometric identities and equations
  • Applications of trigonometry.


  • Differentiation and integration.
  • Applications of differentiation
  • Techniques of integration
  • Differential equations


  • Mathematical reasoning and proof
  • Proof by deduction, contradiction, and contrapositive.


Statistical Sampling

  • Random variables and probability distributions
  • Discrete and continuous random variables.
  • Sampling techniques.

Statistical Hypothesis Testing:

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence intervals.
  • Goodness of fit tests.

Statistical Methods:

  • Correlation and regression.
  • Chi-squared tests.
  • Bivariate data.


Quantities and Units in Mechanics:

  • Kinematics of motion in a straight line.
  • Motion under gravity.
  • Connected particles.


  • Scalars and vectors.
  • Geometric and algebraic representation of vectors.
  • Vector equations.


  • Forces and equilibrium.
  • Moments and couples.

Mechanical Properties of Materials:

  • Elasticity and Hooke’s Law.
  • Stress and strain.

Discrete Mathematics:

Algorithms and Graphs:

  • Algorithms and complexity.
  • Graphs and networks.


  • Permutations and combinations.
  • Pigeonhole principle.

Mathematical curriculums provided in O-Levels focus mostly on base building and complex problems. Some of the key subjects or focus areas are:

Number and Algebra

  • Integers
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Indices and surds
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Functions and graphs
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Quadratic equations and expressions

Geometry and Trigonometry:

  • Lines and angles
  • Triangles and their properties
  • Polygons and circles
  • Congruence and similarity
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Trigonometric ratios and identities
  • Trigonometric functions and equations


  • Perimeter and area of 2D shapes
  • Surface area and volume of 3D shapes
  • Pythagoras’ theorem
  • Similarity and congruence in 2D and 3D shapes

Statistics and Probability:

  • Data handling and analysis
  • Measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode)
  • Probability and counting principles
  • Statistical diagrams and charts
  • Statistical measures (variance, standard deviation)
  • Calculus (in more advanced O Level math courses):
  • Differentiation and integration (basic concepts)
  • Rates of change and gradients of curves
  • Areas under curves

Connecting the dots with the best math tutor in Dubai

A skilled math guru possesses the capacity to think out-of-the box. When paired with our best tutors in dubai, our courses will help you develop:

Problem Solving

You will be able to crack complex mathematical problems easily and challenge your analytical instinct.

Critical Mindset

You will be able to analyze problems from a different lens and define strategies that can make a difference.


Test your skills and knowledge by becoming more efficient in staying a notch up from the competition.


Learn how to spot trends and graphs that are upcoming and can challenge you in numerous ways.

Begin your learning voyage with us today!

With us, you will surely take your learning horizons to a different level with the best and affordable tutoring services in dubai.

The Genius IT Tutors Method:

* Interactive Lessons: Genius IT Tutors believes in making math fun and engaging. Their interactive lessons create a conducive learning environment where students can grasp complex concepts with ease.

* Real-life Applications: By incorporating real-life examples and practical applications, Genius IT Tutors helps students connect the dots between theoretical math concepts and their everyday lives.

* Focus on Problem-Solving: Rather than rote memorization, Genius IT Tutors focuses on developing strong problem-solving skills in their students. This approach fosters critical thinking and analytical abilities.